Each of us is Anatoliy Shtefan

20.09.2021 Off By Editor
Each of us is Anatoliy Shtefan

At 14:00, September 21, a briefing on the topic: “Each of us is Anatoliy Stefan” (Hall 1) will be held for veterans, members of the public, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Organized by: International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda.

Participants: Anatoliy Shtefan – Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; Yuri Kochevenko – veteran, director of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda; Myroslav Hai – veteran, volunteer, chairman of Mir & Co Charitable Foundation; Konstyantyn Mashovets – veteran, coordinator of the Information Resistance project.

In short. The Kremlin and its henchmen are carrying out bold and cynical attacks on the military and patriots to undermine confidence in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the state as a whole. A clear example is the lawsuit against Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Anatoliy Shtefan which was inspired by pro-Russian forces.

We consider this attack an assault on each of us, and everyone who was defending or is defending their state, who has opposed the “Russkii Mir”, everyone who has chosen Ukraine. Today, each of us is Anatoliy Shtefan!

We invite journalists and members of the public! Your support is important to us today.

For the media representatives accreditation, please contact: anna@ukrinform.com

Due to the quarantine restrictions, the number of participants is limited. 

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