Hungary: tactic of Russian hybrid warfare

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Hungary: tactic of Russian hybrid warfare

Modern warfare is waged not only in the physical space, but also in the information, economic, social, environmental, cultural, etc. spheres. That is, it embraces all the facets of the countries’ social life of. And at the same time, the population is not always aware of their stay in such a hybrid war.

The Russian Federation carries out its informational influence in various areas. In Ukraine – with the aim of creating panic and negative socio-psychological processes in society, undermining confidence in the authorities and state institutions, and carrying out powerful blows to the economy. On their own population – in order to further brainwashing, to gain the government’s policy support, and to position the Russian Federation as a country that is almost alone in fighting the world’s evil. On the world community – in order to justify their aggressive policies, form (restore) geopolitical leadership, form contradictions between the leading countries of the world and disrupt social and economic processes.

Especially important for Russia is the work on the contradictions formation between Ukraine and its neighbors. This is a separate area of work for the entire vertical of the Russian Federation relevant authorities.

In this regard, there is a further increase in the activity of pro-Russian political and social movements (agents of influence) and organizations in European countries. Today we will draw the reader’s attention to Hungary, where the concept of creating a single economic, cultural and educational space with regions of the Hungarian minority compact residence in the countries of the Carpathian basin is being consistently implemented, thereby striving to weaken Ukraine’s positions in the Russian Federation interests.

The work with young people in Hungary deserves special attention. So, in February of this year, the National Curriculum came into force, which makes changes to curricular programs of history and literature. This document focuses on the glorification of the Hungarian nation, and the Trianon Treaty, signed on June 4, 1920, is recognized as the tragedy of the Hungarian people. It should be recalled that according to this agreement, Hungary lost 75% of its territory, including the modern Transcarpathian (Zakarpattia) region of Ukraine. Particular attention in the document is paid to the need for every Hungarian to understand that protecting their homeland is a must for every resident of the country.


On the basis of the National Curriculum, some public organizations (for example, the World Union of Hungarians) initiate the collection of signatures to invalidate the Trianon Treaty provisions. The basis for such a work is “the desire of the oppressed Hungarians to unite again”. The solutions to the problem are put forward immediately – the formation in the host countries of the Hungarians, for example, Ukraine, autonomies in three possible forms: “national autonomy”, “national municipality”, “national autonomous council”. How successful this project will be at the international level, time will tell. But the fact that the Hungarians launched it – is already a kind of success for them, and a threat to Ukraine.

At the same time, preparations for the 100th anniversary of the Trianon Treaty signing are continuing. As part of these activities, the Hungarian government also planned financial assistance to expert and public circles in disseminating information about the injustice and illegality of the aforementioned treaty provisions. Financial assistance amounts to 31 million euros. And, it is clear that among its recipients there are agents of influence on the territory of Ukrainian Transcarpathia. In addition to these funds, financial assistance on the same issues is allocated by the State Fund in Gabon Betler’s name, which is the main structure under the Hungarian government, distributing assistance to foreign Hungarians. The amount of assistance from this fund (read the official Budapest) is 3 250 000 euros. The expert community of Ukraine can only observe the growth of Hungarian propaganda on the provision of autonomy to Transcarpathia, including from agents of influence in our country and in the European Union.

Let us also highlight the activities of the right-wing radical Hungarian political movements. So, on March 1, 2020, an action was held dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Admiral M. Horthy election as the regent of Hungary (who, on the side of Hitler, participated in the World War II). Of course, the participants formed an appeal to the Hungarian government to strengthen ties with the Hungarian diaspora and demand autonomy, for example, Transcarpathia.

The project pays special attention to supporting the “Hungarian diaspora” – the Petofi program. It consists in the fact that students are being trained at the Institute of National Policy under the State Secretariat and will further promote the ideas of Hungarian statehood in the world. The program includes training on scouting, religious, cultural, educational activities. It means, graduates of the program are quite well trained agents of influence, and maybe intelligence professionals. On average, graduates of the program promote their country interests abroad for six months. If successful, the period is extended. What is taken into account is that Hungarian diaspora representatives of Transcarpathia are also involved in training, namely, citizens of Ukraine, who in the future, in accordance with the allocated financial resource, will promote the idea of restoring(rebirthing) “big” Hungary.

Thus, in the future Ukraine will expect increased turbulence on the western borders. The events held by Hungary resemble the corresponding actions of Russia in Crimea, which have been actively held since 2004, and which led to the Ukrainian peninsula annexation. Our task is to prevent the threat in the part of Ukraine, which is inhabited by the citizens of our state.