06.05.2022 Off By Editor

On May 9, the “Immortal Regiment” marches are set to be held across Russia and in the occupied territories of Ukraine, in parallel lines with the ongoing full-scale war the Kremlin has unleashed against Ukraine.

Russia doesn’t rule out holding the event in the occupied cities of Ukraine, just as Nazi Germany staged marches in the European countries it had occupied.

Putin follows in Hitler’s footsteps as the latter loved mass marches and similar events praising the Third Reich. The Ruscist Reich, ideologically justified and designed by Kremlin’s ideologists is what today’s Russia has become.

From the Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine (over 24,000 in 2.5 months of the war), it is possible to assemble a new “Ruscist” immortal regiment.

The use of the Z symbol in Russia is an indicator of the neo-Nazi essence of Putin’s Russia, an exact parallel with Hitler’s Germany. It is used as an analogue of the Nazi swastika, which should serve as a tool for rallying Russians around the obviously criminal and misanthropic ideology of modern Russia.

Putin’s desire to hold the “Immortal Regiment” march in Paris is a shameful attempt to tarnish the cultural capital of Europe with Russian Nazism.

The actual genocide of Ukrainians on ethnic grounds, carried out by the Russian Nazis in Ukraine, is similar to how the German Nazis were exterminating Jews in World War 2.

If the “Immortal Regiment” marches succeed in Europe, Russia will be able to bring its neo-Nazi ideology to the civilized West.

Russia is a neo-Nazi state that kills civilians for the sake of its Fuhrer, which Putin has become the embodiment of. It has no moral right to hold such rallies.

The so-called “Russian world” is a veiled version of “ruscism,” a primordially Russian version of a misanthropic ideology that hates everything non-Russian.

Today, the Russian-Nazi army revisits crimes against humanity in its war with Ukraine, and the “Immortal Regiment” march is a gesture praising such crimes, the killing of peaceful Ukrainians.

Putin is provoking Europe by trying to hold “Immortal Regiment” marches akin to the so-called torchlight processions, which are an integral attribute of the Third Reich.

There is a quote, attributed be W. Churchill: “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” Putin’s Russia uses Nazi clichés and plays victim. This is how the Kremlin justifies the invasion of Ukraine, which has brought disaster and unfathomable destruction to the Ukrainian people.

The term “Ruscism” should be in textbooks of history and political science as the brainchild of the modern Russian ruling regime, designed to kill and destroy.

Russian propaganda outplays that of Nazi Germany in terms of lies and cynicism; it directly calls for the destruction of all those who oppose the criminal imperatives spread by the Kremlin.

The march of the “immortal regiment” in the midst of the criminal war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine is the ultimate act of cynicism and disregard for democratic values.