Information influence of the Russian Federation on the liberated and occupied territories. What has changed in 6 years?

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Information influence of the Russian Federation on the liberated and occupied territories. What has changed in 6 years?

July 6, 2020, 0 14.00 will be a round table “Information impact of the Russian Federation in the liberated and occupied territories. What has changed in 6 years? ” (online broadcast from Ukrinform). The event is dedicated to the sixth anniversary of the liberation of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk from Russian militants and collaborators. The siege and occupation of the cities lasted for almost three months, during that time the local population was under the influence of the Russian propaganda.

Russia built its powerful system of informational influence on society long before these events. Large-scale and already clear, Moscow used this “campaign” in the Crimea and Sevastopol, as a result – the so-called “referendum” and annexation. The so-called Novorossiya project was created for the south-east of Ukraine and its central part. As a result, we have temporarily occupied parts of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, people whose minds are tightly processed by Russian propaganda. The International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda carefully studies and systematizes the propaganda messages that are being promoted in ORDLO. Much of these narratives are not aimed at development, but at the archaization of the consciousness of the local population. This is a quick return to the times of the Soviet Union, with cults of odious leaders and the deliberate destruction of everything connected with Ukraine. According to our study, especially dangerous messages of the occupiers to the inhabitants of ORDLO are: “power in Ukraine was seized by the Nazis and fascists”, “plundering the feat of grandfathers and glorifying UPA soldiers”, “Ukraine is the center of modern neo-fascism”, “non-existent country”, “country without history and language “, etc.

Conducting Keeping informational resistance to Russian propaganda, debunking its myths and narratives is an approach to de-occupation and the impossibility of its spread.

Participants: Valentina Bykova – media expert and analyst of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda, Vladislav Voloshin – a former spokesman for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert, Denis Bigunov – communication manager of NGO “Strong Communities”, member of NGO “Donetsk Institute of Information” ( Slavyansk), moderator of the event – Yuri Kochevenko, director of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda.

Following the round table, participants will provide expert recommendations, the main narratives for the formation of effective information policy for the TV channel “DOM” and the Ministry of Reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories.

The organizer of the event: “International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda”. ICCRP is a non-governmental organization. The team of the Center consists of former officers of the Armed Forces, combatants, volunteers, diplomats, specialists in communications, psychology, sociology and cybersecurity, who have combined their knowledge and experience to combat the destructive information influences.

Contacts: Olena Solonina – press attaché of the  ICCRP