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On June 11, 2021 at 14:00, an international round table will be held at the “UkrInform” news agency: “Attack of the Migrants. New Shapes of Hybrid Aggression”.

Organized by “The international center for countering Russian propaganda

Last few months, the Lithuanian republic has become the target of Russian and Belarusian special services. Hundreds of migrants allegedly sent from the territory of Belarus are trying to cross the Lithuanian border. Minsk increases the number of flights from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries migrants arrive from.

Returning the illegals detained on the territory of Belarus is not possible because the Belarusian government denounced the EU readmission treaty. The Lithuanian government declared an extreme situation and accused the Belarusian authorities of hybrid aggression against Europe. At the same time an information operation for destabilization of the socio-political situation is being carried out on the territory of Lithuania.

Kremlin-affiliated political forces and the media blame the government for its inability to control the situation and encourage the Lukashenko’s regime to do so. The situation in Belarus, especially in the context of the Russian military training “West-2021” on its territory, will have an impact on the security situation in our country. Therefore, we have to pay attention to both conventional and unconventional threats from the side of the Republic of Belarus. How will this crisis end and what consequences will it have, is Ukraine ready for similar events, what help can other countries give to Lithuania?


These and other issues will be discussed by the roundtable participants:

  1. Emanuelis Zingeris, Lithuanian public servant, deputy of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania)
  2. Viktor Nazarov, Ukrainian military leader, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  3. Andrey Porotnikov, head of the Belarus Security Blog think-tank (Belarus)
  4. Dmytro Zolotukhin, Deputy Minister of Information Policy in 2017-2019
  5. Euhen Dykyi, researcher, soldier, journalist, commander of the Ukrainian volunteer student corps in Vilnius (Ukraine) in mid-1991
  6. Stasys Kaushynis, Director of the Public Defence Foundation (Lithuania)
  7. Dmytro Gromakov, Head of Investigative Programmes at the International Centre for Countering Russian Propaganda (Ukraine)
  8. Yuriy Kochevenko, director of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda (Ukraine)
  9. Dmitry Levus, co-coordinator of GI “Amber Way”, director of CSD “Ukrainian Meridian” (Ukraine)
  10. Leonid Baran, Director of Department of State Border Protection in the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  11. Ramunas Sherpatauskas, Commander of the Lithuanian Rifle Union (Lithuania)
  12. Representative of the State Customs Service of Ukraine



Address:  B. Khmelnitsky str, 8/16, Kyiv.

Accreditation of media representatives:

The event will be broadcast on the website and YouTube channel of Ukrinform:

For your information.  The International Center  for Countering Russian Propaganda is a non-governmental organization that aims to join  international  efforts against the Kremlin’s informational aggression.

The team of the Center consists of specialists шт  communication, psychology, sociology and security, diplomats, journalists, volunteers from Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and other countries.