International Round Table “Caucasian trap for Russia”

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International Round Table “Caucasian trap for Russia”

On September 2, 2021 at 14:00, an international round table will be held in IA “Ukrinform”: “Caucasian trap for Russia.”

Statements of Russian politicians about the South Caucasus as a “zone of influence of Moscow”provide insight into of which strategy plans to carry out the Kremlin in the region. Russian troops are located in all three states of the South Caucasus so far. And regular military exercises, such as the Caucasus 2021, which are conducted also  in the occupied territories, only confirm the desire of Moscow to turn the Caucasus to its southern bridgehead. In addition, the Russian Federation conducts incessant information operations aimed at destabilizing the domestic political situation in the states of the region.

But what will the South Caucasus become for Russia, a bridgehead or cappon? What goals persecutes Russia, involving themselves in new conflicts without coming out of old ones? What can the collision of Russia’s interests with other geopolitical players in the region, and especially with Turkey? How will the change in the situation in Afghanistan and attempts to flirt with the Taliban affect the safety of the region?

These and other issues will be discussed by  invited experts:

  1. Levan Antia, Doctor of International Relations (Georgia)
  2. Gulu Ibrahimov, Head of the Public Organization “Analytical and Information Platform” (Azerbaijan / Ukraine)
  3. Ferdine Isazade, military correspondent of the Baku TV channel, leading military-political program “Karabakh Chronicle” (Azerbaijan)
  4. Konstantyn Mashovets, Project Coordinator “Information resistance” (Ukraine)
  5. Giorgi Molodini, Head of the Center for Strategic Communications “Georgia”, founder of the Legion of Information Defense, Ex-head of the Department of Strategic Communications (Georgia)
  6. Stasys Kausinis, President of the Foundation for civil rights protection  (Lithuania)
  1. Serhii Kryvonos, Major General AF of Ukraine, Deputy Secretary of National Security Council in 2019-2021. (Ukraine)
  2. Viktor Yagun, director of the Security Sector Reform Agency, National Security Expert, Major General of the SBU, Deputy Head of the SBU in 2014-2015. (Ukraine)
  3. Yuri Kochevenko, Director of the International Center for countering Russian propaganda (Ukraine)


Address:  B. Khmelnitsky str, 8/16, Kyiv.

The event will be broadcast on the website and YouTube channel of Ukrinform:

For your information.  The International Center  for Countering Russian Propaganda is a non-governmental organization that aims to join  international  efforts against the Kremlin’s informational aggression.

The team of the Center consists of specialists in communication, psychology, sociology and security, diplomats, journalists, volunteers from Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belarus and other countries.