Putin is and always will be an old chekist occupier with a grenade in his hand

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Putin is and always will be an old chekist occupier with a grenade in his hand

You may have already noticed that on 16 March the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea was celebrated in Russia, and possibly some apartments in Purvciems or Bolderāja as well. A concert was even held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. But the cherry on top was Putin’s speech he gave before the concert. As usual, the speech mostly consisted of empty words, but Putin did say some things that are worth noting.

“As a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia lost colossal amounts of territories,” said Putin seemingly in response to Biden’s recent name-calling.

“In the nineties of the past century, when the Bolsheviks were establishing the Soviet Union they – for some unknown reason – gave away important territories to some quasi-states,” the resident of the Gelendzhik palace expressed at the Luzhniki Stadium.

What should the people of these 14 “quasi-states” that neighbor Russia think when they hear the leader of the aggressor nation Putin saying something like this?

If I recall correctly, there once was an Austrian lad with a tiny moustache who screamed similar things about living space to the stupefied German people.

One thing is clear – Putin’s revanchist position of denying the rights of former Soviet republics to self-determination and independence forces Russia’s neighboring states, especially the Baltic states, to keep their distance from the crazy neighbor.

It is no secret that Putin has previously said and continues to express that the collapse of the USSR was a geopolitical nightmare, since he is desperate to justify the annexation of Crimea. The Kremlin is constantly complaining that it is being mistreated and that everyone always takes something away from it, including Crimea, and that’s why Russia will put everyone in their place.

This always ends with a bad tactical decision that prevents Russia from achieving its strategic goal, but this doesn’t matter since the Kremlin doesn’t even have a strategic goal – perhaps with the exception of covering up their corrupt asses.

And it is for this reason that Russia and its people are unable to develop in any way, because for Putin to be able to protect himself Russia must sacrifice its long-term development prospects.

A logical question arises – why does Putin or Russia require all the “lost” territories?

There’s plenty territory in Russia and most of it is an underdeveloped mess. But maybe that’s why Russia needs something better to leech off of it.

The Kremlin’s savage extensive economy devours all resources around it, leaving nothing behind. Just look at how the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics have turned into ravaged dumpsters, as well as what’s going on with the ecology of the Black Sea surrounding the Crimean Peninsula.

In order for such a regime to exist, it must continue expanding, i.e. subduing other nations and occupying foreign territories. The only thing is that times have change and now other members of the food chain participate in this geopolitical game.

Russia can develop if it’s leaders change their way of thinking and implement a drastically different economic model, but the thieves and corruptionists that have seized power in Russia know only how to steal and brainwash the nation.

During the rule of former chekist Putin, Russia hasn’t done anything good and has instead favored carrying out assassinations and spreading war to its neighbors. If there are any “achievements” in science or medicine, they were most likely achieved by the late USSR.

Putin has decided to promote Russia using aggression that degrades the entire country and its people. Sadly, Putin’s Russia is becoming more aggressive with each minute, which could be a signal that the end of Putin’s regime is approaching. However, this won’t take a couple of weeks or months, but instead several years.

What can we expect from a hungry and insatiable beast?

It could simply die from hunger, but it has sighted a couple of lambs that could relieve its hunger. But it may not have enough strength to catch the lambs, as its body, i.e. Russia and its people are slowly perishing.

Putin most likely believes that Russia’s aggressive expansion is the only solution. A solution that resulted in Russian troops spilling the blood of others in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic and who knows where else.

And it’s futile to hope that Putin will change his habits – it’s already too late. The Russian economy will need quite a lot of time to recover from the sanctions imposed against it, regardless of what Russian propaganda says about the matter. I read a news article recently stating that China is paying the lowest possible price for Russian gas. Xi Jinping, being the vulture that he is, will not pass an opportunity to feast on the rotting body of Putin’s Russia.

It seems that Putin and his clique care only for their own safety and prosperity. Some people have argued that Putin simply doesn’t know what to do – but I say that he is well aware of what he’s doing and what are the risks of his actions. The fact that this elderly man has access to nuclear weapons – if they haven’t been stolen and sold to India – doesn’t make me worried, but instead impatient to see what will happen next. Will the normal world allow Putin to go all in? NATO, the UN and OSCE should remember the saying about the monkey with a grenade (or in this case a nuclear briefcase).

The funniest thing in all this is that it doesn’t even matter who will be at the helm of Putin’s Russia. If the Russian people won’t change their attitude towards their nation, everyday life and Russia’s neighboring states, it won’t matter which monkey is holding the grenade – an old chekist or some communist – Russia will remain the same, i.e. an aggressive and poor country.

Any war is a battle for resources between two entities.

And Putin doesn’t understand that a “victory” that ends with the aggressive expansion of Russia doesn’t benefit Russia, but instead brings it even more to its knees. While the normal world is sharing resources, Russia is spilling blood for them.
An example: during the past seven years Russia, being a superpower, a nuclear-weapon state and the country that was the first to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, hasn’t been able to solve the issue of drinkable water supply to the occupied Crimea. Instead, Putin is expressing territorial claims to the other “quasi-states” that gained independence after the collapse of the USSR.

Source: Putin voices territorial claims to “quasi-states” during his speech at the Luzhniki Stadium commemorating the annexation of Crimea. Doesn’t this remind you of the small man with a moustache, whose name still can’t be mentioned in Merkel’s Germany?

Reserve Sergeant of the Latvian National Guard,
Augusts Augustiņš