Putin’s speech is the rhetoric of a defeated dictator who has brought his country to the brink of disaster

10.05.2022 Off By Editor
Putin’s speech is the rhetoric of a defeated dictator who has brought his country to the brink of disaster

Putin has voiced the traditional set of messages for the Kremlin aimed at an internal audience in order to justify the war in Ukraine and the high military losses of the Russian Federation.
There was not a single new or true narrative, only stable accusations against the West, allegedly “threatening” Russia.

The atmosphere of the parade was rather dull, very informative facial expressions of key figures – Putin and Shoigu, which expressed confusion and actual defeat. No encouraging messages were noticed, the parade was automatically worked out as a formal but necessary procedure. The absence of Gerasimov is a very important aspect, indicating that at the moment it is he who is responsible for Russia’s failure in Ukraine. It may also indicate Gerasimov’s poor health after the Izum voyage.
The narrative about the defence of Donbas is an attempt to narrow Russia’s front and goal before this Ukrainian territory is captured and, at the same time, the preparation of “scapegoats” Pushilin and Pasechnik, on whom all responsibility will then be shifted on.
The Russian military personnel participating in the parade are taking part in the war between Russia and Ukraine, and therefore today’s parade can be called a Nazi procession.
The general depressing atmosphere, Shoigu’s gloomy mood and Putin’s indistinct speech – all this created a farce effect, a histrionics in which no one knows their role and the ending of the tragedy.
The announced decree on supporting the children of killed soldiers is a dry irony, emphasizing Russia’s desire for senseless killings of both its own and other military personnel and just ordinary people.
Today Russia was expelled from the international gas union amid Biden’s proposed signing of a lend-lease for Ukraine – international response on the day of Russia’s landmark holiday.
The malfunction of the notorious “Doomsday plane” is the real reason for the cancellation of the air parade – Russia is not technologically self-sufficient in any area.
No attention was paid to the Kantemirovskaya division – an elite tank unit, the commander of the 13th regiment of which shot himself at the end of March in Ukraine. The participation of the division in the war with Ukraine was marked by its complete defeat.
Today’s Victory Day is also with tears in our eyes, but these are tears not of joy, but of grief. Because the current Russian army is an army of suicide bombers, and many of them will never return to their homeland.
Not a single Z symbol was seen at the parade – the embodiment of the absurdity and Nazi aspirations of the Kremlin. Putin is looking for a way back, saving face.
Many who marched in today’s parade in Moscow will not be able to meet the next day of victory, because they will be killed at the front for the sake of Putin’s criminal intentions.
The overall impression of the parade is the expressed desperation of the losers, who are struggling to keep the situation at the desired level, because it is increasingly difficult to hide the scale of the catastrophe unfolding in Russia.
Nothing was said about mobilization and further plans to continue the war. Putin has nothing to say to his people, except for typical Soviet jingoistic narratives.
The equipment involved in the parade consists of ordinary Russian models – modernized Soviet developments. Nothing innovative and revolutionary was demonstrated.

Today’s parade represents the complete failure of Nazi Russia, which is trying to unleash a war against the whole world and committing crimes in Ukraine.