Russia is likely behind US unrest

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Russia is likely behind US unrest

ABC News has come into possession of a report by the Federal Protective Service that revealed the protests in the US could continue until 20 January when Joe Biden’s inauguration took place.

These suspicions are reasonable, since we know that when speaking to his fans on 6 January Donald Trump lied and asserted that he is the real winner of the presidential election. These people then decided to storm the Capitol.

The US is currently divided into two camps, and it seems that some nations benefit from the US being in such a state. I, of course, mean Russia. Let’s take a look why I believe so.

According to Chainanalysis, a month before the unrest people in the US received bitcoins worth 500,000 USD. It was later revealed that on 8 December an unknown French programmer sent 28,15 bitcoins to 22 cryptocurrency wallets, belonging mainly to far-right activists.

Analysis revealed that 250,000 USD, or 13 bitcoins, were received by Nick Fuentes, who is the leader of the far-right group Groypers. He also took part in the rally and was sighted near the Capitol building on 6 January. Chainanalysis stressed that cryptocurrency is being more and more used to fund extremist groups. I will add that such groups are usually funded from abroad.

Let’s look at which countries said they want Trump to remain president.

The only country that comes to mind is Russia. There are many countries that dislike the US, but that’s an entirely different story.

Let’s return to 2016, when the CIA and FBI made an announcement that Russia has interfered in the presidential election. Even director of national intelligence James Clapper said that he is certain that Russia interfered in the election.


US intelligence services warned about possible Russian interference in the 2020 election as well, adding that their goal was to get Donald Trump reelected. Citing US media outlets, RFE/RL reported that these warnings were voiced during a closed meeting on 13 February.

Those who read Russian media must have certainly noticed that the state-owned outlets expressed support for Trump, while any information about Joe Biden was negative or ironic.

So, who was behind the unrest in the US?

We know that Russia wanted Trump to win, which was evidenced by Putin’s statements and articles in Russian media outlets.

It was confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

We know that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2020 election as well.

An unknown person sent large sums of money to protest leaders.

I think the question answers itself. Some of you might ask – what does Russia have to do with a French man sending money to radicals in the US? That’s a good question – but do you really believe Russia would send money intended for such activities directly?

There is no doubt that Russian intelligence services have established a wide network around the globe, and the Russians have always liked France. This is supported by a report by Western intelligence services that Russian GRU spies used France’s Alp region as the base of their operations in Europe, Le Monde wrote.

It is unlikely that Russia truly hopes that it will be able to spark mass unrest and collapse the US or get someone pro-Kremlin to get elected as the president. But Russia will never miss an opportunity to make life difficult for a country that doesn’t do what Putin wants. Or at least show the Russian people – look at how bad the situation is outside of Russia.

However, Russia is sending the US signals that is wishes to review their relations, i.e. improve them. But for this to be possible both countries have to start with a clean slate. This means that the US and the entire world will have to forget everything Putin has done and consider Russia a friendly nation. Until it will inevitably poison someone or do something similar. And after that everyone will once again have to forget Russia’s deeds. Although the article expressed that there is no need to improve relations with Russia because it would just complicate everything.

It’s common knowledge that authoritarian and totalitarian states are only able to exist when they have an “external enemy”.

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