Russia is the main cybernetic terrorist in the world

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Russia is the main cybernetic terrorist in the world

At the end of February, 2020 main themes of the final producing of news of the USA (such agencies, as CNN, Fox News, ABC and others like that) were the promulgated reports of employees of the special services of this country about subversive cybernetic activity of Russian Federation.
Russia mightily works not only against the United States of America but also against all world audience, using new methods of cybernetic influence. Yes, in accordance with information provided by leading American MASS-MEDIA, the principal factors of success of Russians were:
involvement to the cybernetic attacks of hacker groupments of the Russian FEDERATION, which work more on ideological bases, than for a financial reward.
The specialists of the International center of counteraction to Russian propaganda consider that here not only ideological basis but also totalitarian: hackers are held on a hook by the Russian special services, giving an opportunity with impunity to violate the legislation of other countries of the world in informative space;
Moreover, the program of governmental support of cybernetic attacks, which is managed by administration of president of Russian FEDERATION (through the first deputy of Gromov ); flexibility and operation ability, ability to quickly transfer the concentration of main efforts from one object to another, quickly to change methods and ways of psychological influence (through cybernetic space) and others like that.
In relation to Ukraine, today the problem of cybernetic attacks on corresponding resources is intensified. Already clear that our country of Russian FEDERATION is used as a testing ground not only by application of physical weapon but also cybernetic/informative. According the American cyber-attack detection company Sentinel Labs, Russian are conducting a massive cyber operation in the information space of Ukraine. The goals are government and law enforcement agencies.

Thus, recently there have been hacks and leaks of materials about activity of different structural units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In a spotlight are those subdivisions that carry out reconnaissance and informative activity and are most prepared to perform tasks during “hybrid” (asymmetric) wars.
According to the authors of the cyber operation, the coverage of hacked data should lead to blockages of activity of the relevant units (due to numerous inspections, punishment of management, coulisse of transmitters of information, etc.) and, as a result, loss of initiative in the information space.
More than 5,000 objects in Ukraine have already been affected by the cyber operation.

The International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda warns computer users and carriers of unique information: the times of security during handling the arrays of data passed. The information space is developing dynamically and does not forgive the safe attitude to the activities in it. Especially for information professionals.

Now, during the period of active cyber operation by the enemy, one should be as careful as possible, use the principles of credentialing of credentials, counteracting technical means of influence and beware of any software that tries to be installed on the transmitter of information

Implementation requires the principles of dynamic, flexibility, comprehensive security and dominant awareness.

Embodiments in life require principles of dynamic, flexibility, all-round material well-being and dominating being informed. The system and purposefulness must find the realization also. Possibility to give up asymmetric challenges to Russian Federation, especially in the conditions of her military advantage above Ukraine – sharply necessary ability that needs to our state.

Tymofij Gol’c for the International center of counteraction to Russian propaganda