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An online round table on “Russian propaganda: the battle for Belarus” will be held on July 23 at 14:00.

Organizer: “International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda“.

Participants: Dmytro Gromakov – Head of Research Projects of the Center for Social Engineering “Recognition and Analysis of Unsystematic Actions”, expert of the “International Center for Combating Russian Propaganda”; Yurii Kochevenko – Director of the International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda; Andriy Porotnikov – political scientist, head of the analytical project Belarus Security Blog; Ihar Tyshkevich is an expert in international programs at the Ukrainian Institute of the Future; Oleksandr Shpakovsky – International Security Expert of the Minsk Dialogue Initiative.

Briefly. The event is dedicated to the next elections of the Belarusian president, what role Russia plays in them and what scenario its propaganda machine is working out.

According to the organizers, the Kremlin cannot allow to lose influence over the neighbor with its valuable asset, namely – geographical location. His goal is to “privatize” the country and have complete control over the nominal president without the right to vote. No matter how much the Russians want to, they are unable to start interfering in the Belarusian election process actively and supporting an alternative candidate, as it was in Ukraine. For Belarus, Russia has turned on its propaganda machine in a different scenario: internal social tensions and an actualized external threat with a Ukrainian footprint. The “promotion” of the Ukrainian issue allows not only to hide their own interests in the campaign behind the activities of “ukro-fascists”, but also to nullify all the achievements of Foreign Minister Volodymyr Makei in the western direction through provoked repressions against the Belarusian opposition and possible protesters.

For reference. The International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda (ICCRP) is a non-governmental organization. The team of the Center consists of former officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, combatants, volunteers, diplomats, specialists in communications, psychology, sociology and cybersecurity, who have combined their knowledge and experience to counter the destructive information influences.

Contact person: Olena Solonyna – ICCRP press officer, tel. 0502345571: e-mail:

The round table will take place online through the ZOOM video service. The event will be broadcast on the website and YouTube channel of Ukrinform:

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