SBU blocks extensive network of bot farms from Russia

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SBU blocks extensive network of bot farms from Russia

SBU cyber ​​specialists blocked an interregional network of bot farms in Kyiv and several regions, which was managed from Russia’s territory. The network’s capabilities allowed to generate fakes from more than 10,000 bots.

The organizers of the bot farm used not only social media accounts and e-mails, but also electronic wallets with fake personal data. Employees of bot farms were provided with all necessary telecommunication equipment and software.

The operatives of the special service established that the attackers used Russian and European SIM-cards of mobile operators with Ukrainian ones to register accounts. In Europe, it’s impossible to purchase such cards without the identification of citizens, and in Russia also without the assistance of special services.

Executing order for the escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the organizers of bot farms carried out informational “fakes”, promoted the spread of negative sentiments and discredited the Ukrainian authorities both inside and outside the country.

In total, within the framework of criminal proceedings, simultaneous searches were conducted at 12 addresses where the equipment was located. Evidence of involvement of specific persons into illegal activities was seized, in particular more than 40 thousand SIM-cards of mobile operators.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing. The network of bot farms was exposed by the SBU Cyber ​​Security Department in Kyiv, Lviv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Odesa regions together with the regional SBU Offices, bodies of the Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police.

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