Side Jobs And Non-Traditional Orientation: Factors Affecting The Quality Of The Work Of Russian Propagandists

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Side Jobs And Non-Traditional Orientation: Factors Affecting The Quality Of The Work Of Russian Propagandists

After the publication of an article about the failed work of Russian propagandists, the citizens of the Russian Federation shared with the IP editors the personal data of individual employees of the 706 information countermeasures center.

This center is located in St. Petersburg and is reIn general, it serves the Western Military District of the RF Armed Forces. In addition, he processes the psyche of the citizens of his country in the entire western direction. Quite an interesting structure, which should be effective, if not for the peculiarities of thinking and the distraction to functions unusual for the soldiers of the Federation army.

Such as non-standard behavior. These characteristics are characteristic of Captain Eminov Azret Orazalievich, head of the special materials department of the information support department.

This specialist is a master of sports in boxing and, most likely, devotes a lot of time to this activity. But, judging by the questionnaire on gay-dating forums in St. Petersburg, the 29-year-old officer has interests not only in sports.

In any case, apparently, Azret is quite an ambitious person, accustomed to victories. However, the evidence of these victories in the professional ring seems to be classified and unconfirmed.

The officer of the secret unit (for information security) Artur Viktorovich Basangov was also identified through the dating sites for gay people. The 28-year-old propaganda officer of the Russian army is married, brings up children, and cannot provide that very secret of his life. And just like Eminov, he is distracted by tasks unusual for Russian propaganda.

Young officer Aleksandrova Margarita, 2018 graduate of the Military University. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, she is a linguist-translator of French and English. This is what she does as a tutor, earning money for herself at a rate of 500 rubles per 45 minutes (by the way, you can order an English lesson by calling Margarita Sergeevna Alexandrova’s phone number 79998520512).

It should be noted that she is studying English with primary school children. In this field, Alexandrova has already succeeded, was able to improve her material well-being, and buy a car (Toyota Corolla Spacio, 2004, state number T323TV 150).

It is these propaganda specialists who are called upon to influence public opinion in Europe and the western part of the Russian Federation. There is an effect from their activities and certain civil and special structures, including those of an international scale, are engaged in its study.

But be that as it may, it becomes clearer every day that the Kremlin’s information victory is not being observed, the propaganda organs of the Russian Federation are quite vulnerable and not perfect. The opinion that they instilled in Ukrainian citizens about their victory in the information space and dominance in the Ukrainian segment is wrong. And over time, the initiative of the Russians is lost and comes down to a banal discrediting of the leaders of Ukraine and other objects of information influence.