Surprise, surprise – Russia persecutes the regime’s critics

10.02.2021 Off By Admin
Surprise, surprise – Russia persecutes the regime’s critics
Otto Ozols

What a surprise – Putin’s critics are either imprisoned or killed. Who would have thought that Navalny will get arrested at the airport? European media and politicians are shocked and now compete in who will write the harshest words targeted at the Kremlin. And Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs is no exception, who posted an angry message in Russian in Twitter, which was, of course, “warmly” welcomed by Russian twitter users,

TV and radio stations are already preparing the lighting for the inevitable discussions featuring countless experts who will talk endlessly about Putin’s crimes against democracy.

Politicians will rush to take the stage so they can improve their ratings by saying absolutely nothing of substance.

This circus will continue for a couple of weeks, like it always does when something similar happens. And then the Kremlin’s old friend and High Representative of the European Union Josep Borrell will suggest some formal and empty sanction to be imposed against Russia, and Putin will just laugh.

Meanwhile, Denmark has allowed Russia to complete the construction of its Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and it is predicted that it will be operational already in spring. Then, Germany will begin pumping Russian gas and Europe will continue feeding the Kremlin regime. Afterwards, the wise French president Emmanuel Macron may decide to visit the Baltic states to urge everyone to engage in a strategic dialog with Russia, as he just recently did.

But now, it is time for the global circus of empty rhetoric. The program features everyone’s old favorites – European politicians, including Latvian ones, will make angry faces and imitate concern while giving their speeches on democracy. They will harshly chastise Putin and his gang.

At the same time, already in spring we will see the new gas pipeline delivering gas to Europe and billions of euros to Putin’s gang. And in Russia opposition activists will remain in prison or be killed, because in the European Union, when something concerns large amounts of money, principles and values get traded for gas pipeline pennies.