Valentina Bykova: “Ukraine is winning the battle of narratives”

01.02.2023 Off By Redaktor
Valentina Bykova: “Ukraine is winning the battle of narratives”

Valentyna Bykova, the head of analytical projects for countering disinformation IC CRA commented for The Page on the battle between Ukrainian and russian narratives.

“The largest share of those affected by russian infoviruses are elderly people who were born and lived a significant part of their lives during Soviet times,” Valentina Bykova noted. – Nostalgia for the USSR is a fertile ground on which propaganda narratives of the russian federation flourish: “not everything is so clear-cut”, “russia was forced to attack”, “the russian federation is only defending itself”, “NATO is devouring fraternal nations in order to destroy the population and take our land » etc.

At the same time, the long-term work of the propaganda machine of the russian federation aimed at our population did not achieve its final goal. The main russian messages about “fraternal nations”, “USSR 2.0” and “the need to return to common existence”, which were forcefully promoted in Ukraine, were not mastered by the masses.
The best proof of this is the thousands of civilians who came to the military commissariats on February 24-25 to defend Ukraine from the russian aggression, and the hundreds of thousands of ukrainian volunteers who are now helping the military. So, in the battle of narratives, ours won – “Ukraine is not Russia”, – summarized Valentina Bykova.