When a German shepherd shows its teeth to the Kremlin master: Крим – це Україна

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When a German shepherd shows its teeth to the Kremlin master: Крим – це Україна

Reserve sergenat of the Latvian National Guard,
Augusts Augustiņš
Just like a disobedient and angry German shepherd, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who has received millions from Putin for his service to him, seems to have finally bitten the hand that feeds by publicly announcing that Crimea is actually part of Ukraine. What is more, the two-faced German also noted that the annexation of Crimea is a gross violation of international law.

It seems that Schröder, sensing that something is burning and wishing to avoid a Hitlerian fate, has changed his mind a couple of days after a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, according to which Russia spits on human rights in the occupied Crimea. There is little chance that Schröder has been given the role of the Kremlin’s court jester and tasked with saying that the Kremlin may actually leave Crimea.

Gerhard Schröder was an excellent vassal of the Kremlin’s master with a pronounced pro-Kremlin orientation and influence in Old Europe’s energy sphere. An all-around great European politician, even better that the French lapdogs Macron and Sarkozy. But it seems that Schröder doesn’t want to go to court, like Sarkozy now because he got “slightly” carried away by corruption.

I will remind you that Schröder is the head of Rosneft’s board of directors and the one responsible for international projects at Gazprom. He is similar to our own Aigars Kalvītis, but more “powerful”, and both of them have digested plenty of Kremlin caviar. Is anyone wondering why Germany is so insistent on completing the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

All this time Schröder helped the Kremlin to further its political and economic influence in Europe, as well as fill its coffers by selling Russian energy in Europe. As gratitude for this, Putin didn’t spare any money on him, since Schröder also found time to spread the Kremlin’s propaganda in the EU.

I don’t know what made the old German change his mind, since in 2019 he said that “Crimea has belonged to the Russians since ancient times, thus it’s annexation was legal”. In 2020, the former chancellor publicly expressed that “no Russian president will ever give Crimea back to Ukraine”. This made the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik to propose a bet to the 76-year-old Putin’s “servant” that Ukraine will regain control over Crimea sooner than Schröder will leave this world.

In 2020, Schröder’s stance was changed by the Kremlin’s catastrophic defeat in the oil market, achieved by Saudi Arabian oil traders who forced Russia out of the EU market and instead brought in US liquefied natural gas. It is most likely because of this reason the Kremlin promised 600,000 EUR annually to Schröder hoping that he will be able to fix the situation, but it’s now evident that he won’t.

And on 16 January 2021, the old German announced publicly that the annexation of Crimea is a gross violation of international law, adding that “Putin has crossed a line he shouldn’t have crossed”. In other words, Schröder diplomatically explained that the Kremlin has hopelessly lost this battle.

Considering that Schröder, in comparison to the current Russian political elite, is the one least brainwashed, he could be the only person close to Putin able to actually assess the extent of shi… Russia has gotten itself into and reveal to the entire world what the Kremlin is about to do.

Schröder’s statements are a signal to European politicians that the Kremlin could be ready to begin discussions about returning Crimea to Ukraine. Schröder’s words: “Putin is an important figure in Russia, but we don’t know if he’s the only one responsible for everything that happens to Russia.”

Diplomats would say that this means the Russian elite is willing to consult the West about determining the “public scapegoats” in Russia who should be punished for Russia’s aggressive policies from 2014 to 2020.

Schröder, still being Putin’s servant, also didn’t miss an opportunity to spread the Kremlin’s message, i.e. he said that the EU should become more powerful in order to stand against the US and China. Schröder knows that Russia has no place in this club of “economic giants”, so he decided to start spreading pro-Kremlin propaganda before the upcoming elections.

It would seem that Schroder’s words about no president ever returning Crimea to Ukraine contradicts his current statements, but in 2021 his words acquire a completely new meaning. This looks more like a hint that after the prolonged systemic crisis in Russia there may be no “president” as us Europeans understand the word. Putin hasn’t been the president for quite a long time now, and in reality, there was never a president in Russia.

What is more, Schröder’s statements have literally demolished the Kremlin’s propaganda work of the last six years. And the Kremlin’s propaganda machine is silent about this. For instance, after the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights on the Crimea issue, Prigozhin’s trolls in Moscow, Simferopol and elsewhere began carrying out their duties, but after Schröder’s announcement – complete silence. It seems the occupants have run out of words.

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