Xi Jinping was lying in front of UN General Assembly

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Xi Jinping was lying in front of UN General Assembly


Reserve sergeant of the Latvian National Guard,
Augusts Augustiņš 

Immediately after the outbreak of Covid-19 the Chinese propaganda machine launched a large-scale disinformation campaign in Europe aimed at preventing it being labeled as the country where the Covid-19 pandemic began. The most absurd in this is that at a time when there are thousands of new cases daily, Chinese officials, including President Xi Jinping, make announcements about saving the world from this contagious virus, while our Prime Minister Kariņš is implementing increasingly tighter restrictions. If the Chinese have really saved the world from Covid-19, why was I today required to wear a mask in the bus?

Thank god that most people, excluding Aldis Gobzems, have retained common sense, which allowed to expose these Chinese propaganda activities – they were dubbed fake “mask diplomacy” and heavily criticized in both public and social media. Despite this, China couldn’t stop itself from distributing low-quality masks, thus damaging relations with the EU even further, with the EU even officially reprimanding China in June this year.

In other words, China is concerned about its public image and that is why it’s spreading half-truths not only in the UK or Turkey, but right here in Latvia as well, and is even engaging our own local media. We must sadly conclude that the Chinese yuan doesn’t stink because it’s money after all. And the owners and journalists of the newspaper Diena seem to like money very much. I hope that money is the only reason why Diena is eagerly participating in spreading Chinese propaganda in Latvia.

On 29 September, I received the 187th issue of Diena in my mailbox, and on the third page of the newspaper there was a huge article about what Chinese President Xi Jinping had said during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Diena stressed that this was an “important” speech, and on the very top of the page it was clearly written: “This information is paid for by the Embassy of the Chinese People’s Republic in Latvia.” I didn’t think much of it and continued to read the article, in which I immediately found numerous lies and half-truths. I thought that maybe it was a bad translation. I compared the article with what I could find on the internet and concluded that there are indeed some differences. This could explain why the article in Latvian contained so many grammar, spelling and stylistic errors. Why was the name of the Chinese leader written in English? Perhaps the Latvian article was adapted to represent the values, mentality and culture of Chinese communists. The pillar of such ideology is to produce cheap low-quality goods, its cornerstone is to blatantly lie and one of the basic moral values of such ideology is to force themselves on everyone as the saviors of the planet.

Enough about Diena – people make their money by doing what they’re best at. I’m more offended by the Chinese leader lying to the UN, thus showing disrespect to the other member states. According to the article in Diena, during the 75th session of the UN General Assembly Xi Jinping said [lied] that “in competition, countries should not breach the moral standard and should comply with international norms”. He obviously means his own country because it’s a secret to no one that China is the leader in the COPY AND PASTE business, even forcing the second self-proclaimed superpower, Russia, to nervously stand aside and watch as the Chinese agilely copy their military equipment.

Xi Jinping also said that China will continue fulfilling its role as the shaper of global peace, deliberately not mentioning Tibet, Hong-Kong or the fistfights between the Chinese and Indians in Kashmir, among other things. China has made at least 17 territorial claims against its neighbors – Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, both Koreas, Singapore, Brunei, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines. This is the peace Xi Jinping wants to achieve. That’s right, comrade Jinping, “China does not wish to achieve hegemony”! I believe the only country that has willingly given up its territories to China is Putin’s Russia.

P.S. From the newspaper Diena: “The video from the celebrations of the National Day of the PRC can be viewed on the Facebook profile of the Embassy of the PRC in Latvia.” If this isn’t Chinese communist propaganda, I don’t know what is!?

Reserve sergeant of the Latvian National Guard,